Light equipment

Atlas Copco knows the tools of the trade when it comes to designing a wide range of exceptional light construction equipment.

LH 230 E hydraulic breaker used with an LP 18-30 PE / LP 18-40 PE hydraulic power pack

All products in this range offer the following benefits.

Vibration dampening

Try our HAPS enabled machines and you’ll feel the difference. HAPS stands for “Hand and Arm Protection System”, an innovation that minimizes the impact of vibrations on the operator. With an HAPS-enabled handheld tool, you can work up to 6 times longer every day. Imagine what you can do with that time.

Long lasting quality

Precision engineering, top-quality materials and modern engines with low fuel consumption and lower emissions: Atlas Copco breaks the mould for long-lasting equipment. In case of handheld tools, less parts mean fuss-free products, low lifecycle costs and a high trade-in value.


Swap your handheld tools in no time thanks to the quick kick latch or just unscrew the tool. All our working tools are interchangeable between various models. The versatility of our breakers and hammers allows for fast tool changes and less inventory.

To find out more about the complete range of light construction equipment and hydraulic power packs click here.

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