Pneumatic pumps

Pneumatic pumps for low and very high viscosity fluids.


DIP centrifugal pumps are specially designed for low-viscosity liquids.

Atlas Copco pneumatic pumps are designed for businesses and operations where failure is not an option. Our DIP and DOP series pumps are easy to use, safe and can handle various construction, mining, and industrial applications.

DIP series centrifugal pneumatic pumps work with relatively clean low-viscosity liquids such as water and cooling fluids. With a simple change of impeller and intake ring you can adjust your pump to the desired capacity and head.

DOP diaphragm pneumatic pumps are your reliable partners for the most polluted and viscous media, as well as highly abrasive and flammable fluids. The diaphragm and valve flaps are made of nitrile rubber.

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