Compact Loaders


Are you looking for high-performance material handling machines to excavate soil and perform many other operations? We have the answer, Manitou’s range of tracked and wheeled skid-steer loaders.

The Manitou range offers several models, providing ultra-compact to full-performance solutions. Two main categories of skid loaders are available: radial lift and vertical lift. Whichever the range you choose, the machines provide ideal lifting heights for loading, transporting and stacking your materials at high heights. The wide range allows you to choose the equipment capable of meeting your specific needs!

With their all-terrain manoeuvrability, Manitou loaders can easily travel over all types of ground (muddy, uneven, uneven). Their great compactness is ideal for manoeuvring with ease in cramped work areas and confined spaces. These machines also offer improved performance in terms of excavation, levelling and earth moving for applications below ground level.

Skid-steer loaders are also popular for their multi-functional use. Change attachments and get a solution for every problem. Attachments can be replaced in a matter of minutes. Several operations are possible with this versatile system: transporting pieces of wood or tubes, loading bulk (gravel, sand, earth), drilling, raking, digging below the working platform level, etc.

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