Power Barrow


Launched in October 2022 the new Tracked Power Barrow is manufactured using the same tried and tested all-terrain track base as all of the Dragon Equipment range.

The manoeuvrable PB1000 is capable of safely and efficiently carrying, lifting, and tipping loads of up to 1,000 Kg.

To see a video of the power barrow working click here.


The steel bucket is incredibly robust which ensures it can stand up to the toughest of jobs on both commercial and domestic building sites.


Weighing under 650 Kg and with width options to suit all applications, it’s a machine that is easy to move from site to site, using a van, truck, or trailer.


With the bucket in its lowest position the front is just 870mm from the ground, and at full height it reaches 1,425mm. This range makes it easy to load by hand or machine, and unload onto the ground in the desired location, or into a skip, or bulk bag.


The PB1000 is powered by the Vanguard 400 14 HP petrol engine, benefiting from a fully integrated cyclonic air filtration system and maintenance intervals that are double the industry standard, as well as the patented Vanguard TransportGuard to prevent oil and fuel dilution during transit. Diesel option available upon request.

To find out more about this innovative British product click here!

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