Market leading manufacturer of sustain able welfare solutions, Boss Cabins, has just made another leap forward with the announcement today of an almost entirely solar-powered towable welfare unit with NO ONBOARD GENERATOR! This patent-pending unit is the first mobile welfare unit in the marketplace in which enough solar energy is generated to power ALL electrical operations effectively, meaning no generator is required even for back-up.

Boss Cabins has developed the concept using a 12ft unit as this would be the hardest unit to make work with limited space for solar panels and a relatively high user count compared to its size. In real-life testing, Boss Cabin’s development team was encouraged by the results, especially during the dark winter months of the trial period. Boss Cabins plan to roll out this exciting new concept on mobile units from 12ft up to 24ft and the statics range.

This new breakthrough, by the Boss cabin’s team, moves site welfare closer towards a future of zero fuel and zero emission operation.

In summary the benefits are:

  • Fully solar electrical operation
  • 100% silent operation
  • Patented rain harvesting and grey water recycling system
  • Summer months with no heater = zero emissions
  • Winter months with heater = near zero emissions (heater uses just 0.25l of HVO biofuel per hour)
  • Long-lasting sustainable full stainless-steel build with high % recyclability

More news will follow shortly.

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