Kubota excavator
Kubota excavator sold by Boss Plant Sales

A brand-new Kubota KX060-5 is hard at work, in Northwood, during its first week after being delivered to ECC Building Contractors by Boss Plant Sales Ltd, the official Kubota construction dealer for London and the Home Counties. ECC Building Contractors has run a Kubota U27-4 for over 3 years, and have been delighted with it, and so picking another Kubota was an easy and logical choice when they needed a larger machine for the 18-month project.

The Kubota KX060-5, with an operating weight of 5.7 tonnes, is equipped with a Rototilt R2 tiltrotator which is designed for excavators weighing between 3-6.5 tonnes. The R2 is very powerful for its class, with a high breakout torque and a large flow capacity for the use of hydraulic tools under the tiltrotator. However, the Rototilt R2 offers many more advantages than that. The tiltrotator’s design is based on the same concept as company’s larger models with an integrated swivel. Users benefit from reduced hose routing and increased flow capacity. The tiltrotator’s efficient hydraulics and low weight also minimise the machine’s fuel consumption. ECC Building Contractors use the R2 with a general-purpose bucket and an Intermercato rotating grab, with a Hardox body, for demolition work, as shown in the attached image.

Company Director Alberto Craveiro, who operates the new KX060-5, commented, “The new machine has a lovely cab with excellent visibility and familiar and smooth controls. The machine’s stability is excellent, even at full reach. I have no hesitation in recommending Kubota’s, they are great machines. And we get an excellent service from Boss Plant Sales who rigged up our new machine with the tiltrotator before delivery.”

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