Manitou’s strategy, in favour of clean energy and the environment, is to develop and offer machines powered by an alternative to fossil fuels in Europe. Manitou, concerned about the carbon footprint of its products, has been working, for several years, on the implementation of low-emission solutions and fully electric prototypes, which are as efficient and productive as traditional internal combustion models.

Hybrid and 100% electric Manitou models are already available on the materials handling market. No less than 7 new models from 3 different ranges, MRT, MT and ATJ, are already in production and available.



At the same time, other alternative energies to carbon-based energies are being studied, hydrogen, whose applications to handling equipment seems particularly promising.

The Oxygen label allows important environmental, economic and social gains, particularly appreciable for your activity, for your teams, and for the planet!

  • Part time or permanent use in zero emission mode
  • The overall reduction of the environmental impact: CO2, particulates, noise pollution
  • Lower energy consumption
  • A reduction in TCO of up to 17% for certain machines



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