Market leader Manitou has launched the world’s first all electric rotating telehandler, the MRT 2260 E. This machine joins a wide range of innovative rotating handlers, each a truly versatile tool capable of completing a wide range of handling operations safely and conveniently.


With a 6,000 kg max capacity, and a 22m lift height the MRT 2260 can tackle a wide range of applications in construction and civil engineering. It’s lithium-ion battery requires low maintenance, and offers a long lifespan. It can be partially or fully recharged and a 2nd battery can be added  for extra capacity. A range extender, a heat engine, that recharges the battery in hybrid mode is also available.


All Manitou machines offer excellent ergonomics and operator comfort and safety as well as using the latest technology to keep the operator fully informed.



This new model delivers all the advantages of the MRT Vision+, namely visibility, performance, and comfort in a 100% electric zero emission form.

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