The versatile BOMAG BMP 8500 multi-purpose compactor, one of BOMAG’s most popular machines, has received a makeover with focus on an improved radio remote control system.


Reliable operation.
Multi-purpose compactors like the BMP 8500 are specifically designed for demanding work in confined conditions, such as trench and pipeline construction. They are also ideal for landscaping, compacting backfill and direct foundation work. BOMAG’s new trench roller has a variable working width that can be adjusted from 610 mm to 850 mm in just a few simple steps.

Every component of the BMP 8500 was developed with a focus on low maintenance and dependable operation. Encasing the exciter housing prevents water and dirt from entering, which increases the machine’s operational reliability. The trench roller’s articulated joint requires no grease nipples, further reducing maintenance requirements.

The integrated BOMAG Operator Safety System (BOSS) automatically shuts down the machine if it comes too close to the operator, ensuring outstanding safety. BOMAG ECONOMIZER keeps operators updated on compaction progress: soft spots in the fill can be identified immediately, and unnecessary passes can be avoided.

Securely connected.
When it comes to remote control of the BMP 8500, BOMAG once again opts for true radio operation due to its proven superior stability over infrared systems. With BOMAG, there is a 100% connection between the remote control and the machine. Consequently, multiple trench rollers can be operated simultaneously on the construction site without the need to coordinate or adjust the individual radio frequencies.

If the remote control unit goes missing, a new one can easily be paired without special knowledge or tools. After replacement, the remote control and machine are immediately and securely reconnected, allowing compaction work to continue. Ergonomically shaped joysticks make precise machine control a breeze. The remote also sits securely in the hand.

To ensure minimum downtime during operation, the controller is equipped with two batteries that enable a continuous running time of 35 to 40 hours. The charge status is displayed on the remote control’s screen. With the optionally available charger, the second battery can be topped up while the machine operates. The charger can even be integrated into the trench roller’s storage compartment.


See the video here.


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