Kubota has announced a new Tracking System for the KX080-4a2 model across Europe.

The Tracking system will increase machine efficiency and security, allowing users to stay informed about the KX080-4a2 machines in their fleet. The Tracking system portal can be accessed via a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, meaning the data from a Kubota fleet can be seen anywhere at any time.

Kubota Tracking System enables the customer to track the following:

  • Machine location
  • Machine operating conditions
  • Maintenance control
  • Alert status
  • Notifications
  • Tracking
  • Geofencing

The system is free for the first four years from the date of machine handover (however, a charge based on request, will be incurred to reactivate, and reinstall a device which has been turned off).

To activate the system customers must agree to their machine’s data being sent to Japan, for future machine development. It will not be shared in any other way.

If consent is given the customers details are entered into K-Net via the warranty system and KUK will collect the customers details from K-net to set up the customers Tracking System account with a user ID and password sent direct to the customer.

An AEMP/API connection is available on request from the customer, this will be sent to Japan (via a form that KUK will complete) and access will be given directly to their chosen supplier.

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