The ROTATOR a 360-degree View Advanced Dumper from Thwaites.

Thwaites has today revealed, at the Hillhead Exhibition, the new advanced ROTATOR.

A brand new 9-tonne dumper that gives the operator a rotating position enabling 360-degree visibility from the safest seat on site.

Designed by Thwaites engineers and built by the UK manufacturing team. The Rotator will further reduce risk on site, improve productivity whilst delivering the safest, dumper operator experience.

What’s in a Name.

The word ROTATOR is a palindrome, (a word that reads the same forwards as it does backwards). The unique function of this Thwaites dumper is to operate the same way forwards as it does backwards. All enabled by the operator position that can now Rotate…Hence the ROTATOR.

Thwaites General Manager Andy Sabin said, “We are excited by the Rotator, the design and engineered solutions built into the machine, really offers the market an advanced Thwaites alternative, all to further improve visibility, operator safety and performance”.

Andy continued…” The cab size, steps from both sides, and rotation mechanism are all best in class. We are also delighted with the control we are going to be able to deliver to operators, via the Thwaites oscillation and articulation system built into this machine”.

Operator Optics:

The cab design includes a 360-degree reverse operator configuration, integrated cameras and adjustable mirrors all of which significantly improve operator visibility and performance in every onsite setting and situation.

Safety Systems:

The ROTATOR cab design is equipped with seat presence switch logic. Limit switches ensure the operator seat is always securely engaged, locking out all drive and control functions until so.

Tilt sensors will alert the operator audibly and visually, ahead of time, when it is safe to tip, depending on the gradient.

Operator Comfort:

The significant, large and spacious cab offers access through left and right sided doors, with easy seat access and best in class rotation, this ergonomically designed cab is built with operators in mind.

The ROTATOR comes, in addition to the panoramic glazed cab, with a host of features such as, air conditioning, improved leg room, enhanced seat comfort and intuitive hydrostatic control.

Machine Performance.

Powered by a 3.6L Deutz turbo engine which is fitted with a DPF which is compliant with EU Stage V emission regulations. The engine delivers 55.4Kw of peak power with 405 Nm of torque with a noise level below 101Db (A).

User Friendly Maintenance:

The ROTATOR cab allows for access to the engine for daily checks, via a hinged floor plate.

For further engine and chassis access, additional removable hatches give service teams the space to work safely and efficiently. All to simplify maintenance tasks reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

This fabulous new British product will be available in 2025. If you’re interested in it, get in touch for more info!

Learn more watching this video.

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